Learn to Sail with SEAS

Whether you’re a first-timer, or an experienced sailor in need of a refresher, our $269 Basic Sailing Course is a great, affordable way to learn the basics and get on the water!  You'll receive SIX hands-on sailing classes, with all equipment provided, and instructed by nationally-certified Basic Sailing instructors:

  • 4 Evening Classes: Learn sailing terms, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, points of sail, sail trim, rigging, launching, mooring, rules of the road, boat handling and boating safety. We'll provide in-classroom training via interactive sessions, instructional videos, models and actual boats, a required swimming test, and of-course, knot-tying exercises!
  • 2 Weekend Sailing Classes: Put sailing theory into practice on the water! You'll rig (set up) sailboats and experience the concepts of wind-powered boating. At all times, instructors supervise from motorized safety boats, with experienced members sailing alongside for on-the-water coaching. All equipment provided — sailboats (Sunfish, Phantoms, Laser), rigging, life-jackets.


WHAT TO EXPECT during the weekend sailing class

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Sailing, even with our fleet of small Sunfish & Phantom boats, is a  physically demanding experience. Everything taught in our course provides the skills to sail a small boat, preparing you for a larger craft. Sailing classes are held at Kingsland Point Park, Kathryn Davis Pavilion, in beautiful Sleepy Hollow, NY. 

Here's a preview of a typical sailing instruction (usually Saturday 8-6pm):

  • Morning Setup (8-10am): Students arrive early, meeting your instructors for a morning briefing. Partner with fellow classmates to carry boats and equipment from our boathouse a short distance to the river shore. There you'll be responsible for rigging the boats, tying knots, and raising sail - either on the beach, or in the water, depending on water conditions. Instructors and water assistants will be on-hand to help and provide guidance, but you'll be expected to "learn by doing." Boats are carried into the water and anchored onto floating moorings, after which the entire class also assists in carrying the motorized safety boats into the water.
  • Begin Sailing (~10am-1pm): Swim out to and board your sailboat, casting off with your fellow students and instructors. Students catch wind, make sail into the river channel, and navigate through a morning of sailing instruction (tacking, jibing, stopping, general maneuvering with the wind) and various safety drills (capsizing, man-overboard). You'll get stuck in irons (no wind!) and capsize (fall off your boat into the river) - and be expected to maintain control of, and turn your sailboat upright. But you'll hopefully learn a lot and get the hang of it! For 2-3 hours straight, you'll be on the water, and in-the-sun (water and sunscreen are a must!), riding alongside your fellow students, with the coaching of your instructors nearby in motorized safety boats.



Age & Physical Requirements

Students must be 18 years or older, in reasonable physical condition and able to swim. Students 13-17 years old must weigh at least 65 pounds (minimum safe weight to pilot our Sunfish), and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times - in the classroom and on the boat - who are also registered for the course.

SEAS annual membership

Your course fee also includes SEAS annual membership, which gains you access to summer-long “open sails” on available weekends and evenings (once you’ve passed the course), as well as year-round events with your fellow sailors (see below calendar). For experienced sailors and returning students, we offer an affordable annual membership fee.