You’ve passed the basic sailing class.

You’ve sailed before and want to get back on the water.

You want to learn more.

You want to meet other fired-up sailors, have fun and improve your skills.

SEAS members are all the above.  Every week members enjoy practice opportunities on board boats like our sunfish and phantoms and our 24’ Dufour keelboat.

Board boat “Open Sails” require current season membership and signup ahead of time.  There is limited space and participants need to have passed a Basic Sailing class or have equivalent experience.

Keelboat Sailing                                                             

The Keelboat program is a hands-on way to grow into larger sailboats.  Our “Excalibur” is an older, lovingly maintained boat with just the basics.  No fancy automation.  You will learn the fundamentals. You will learn rigging.  You will learn to use things you have previously only read about.  You will learn why and how to operate a larger boat and you will practice each system because you will be the crew under guidance of an approved skipper. 

Crew duties include running the helm, raising and lowering the sails, assisting with anchoring, docking and responsibility for putting away your boat at the dock.

Ways to participate in the Keelboat program:


Keelboat Membership

Keelboat Members are entitled to all the Practice Sails they can schedule.  Each take place on the 24’ Excalibur, Dufour sloop.    Space permitting, members can bring guests for a ride-along on weekly practice sails*.

Formal training for keelboat members include a “Meet the Boat” session which is a one-time requirement, and is included for new members.  Also, keelboat members have an option to take “Mini-courses”.  Each course costs a separate $25.

Returning keelboat members receive their choice of mini-course.

Prerequisites: to membership:

  • Pass SEAS Basic sailing class or equivalent experience

  • SEAS Annual membership from any National chapter

  • Additional $199 Annual Keelboat membership fee

  • A “family” of two or more regular SEAS members join for $299 combined total

* Waivers required by guests who are limited to a single ride-along outing.

Guest participants are asked to consider a donation to the keelboat program to help offset costs.


To enroll, at checkout choose Keelboat Membership or Keelboat Membership Family




"Basic Keelboat” Sailing Course

The $269 Keelboat Basic sailing is an alternate Basic Sailing course.  Just like Basic Sailing, the Keelboat course includes one season associate membership in SEAS Westchester Sailing Club

Provides training for crew, (crewing on a larger boat).  Good for beginning sailors, or those looking for a refresher with formal terms and sailing fundamentals including:

  • Points of sail

  • Rigging and terminology

  • Tacking, jibing, man-overboard safety

  • Docking, mooring, anchoring

  • Limited to four students per water session

  • Four classroom sessions with regular students taking Basic Sailing program

  • Written test and swim test required

  • Choose any Basic Sailing calendar classroom dates

  • One full day water session on boat provides hands-on experience

  • Two Practice Sails on the 24’ Excalibur, Dufour sloop included

  • US Sailing Basic Keelboat: The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instructions book included

  • During Practice Sails, meet and sail with other keelboat members


To enroll, at checkout choose desired Keelboat course


  • Course A @ Kingsland Point, Sleepy Hollow, NY Wednesdays: 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, 6/5

  • Course B @ Kingsland Point, Sleepy Hollow, NY

    Tuesdays: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25

  • Course C @ Kingsland Point, Sleepy Hollow, NY

    Thursdays: 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1